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Balanced Body Bands

PHP/MYSQL/jQuery Dynamic Mobile Website

HTML, CSS, UI/UX, Responsive Design, Project Management, Web Development, Analytics, Database, jQuery, Javascript, MySQL, & PHP

Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, PHPMyAdmin, Photoshop, & illustrator


Working with former Mrs. Nebraska winner - Debbie Gray and mental health therapist and instructional designer - Tammy Olson, illustrated the book entitled, "Alex and his Balanced Body Bands". In cordination with the books concept this mobile app helps parents and thier children cordinate their efforts to track their day's healthy behaviors. PHP coding stores the users information in a MySQL database.

  • This easy to use web application was built using PHP and MySQL Database. It was used by over 1200 elementary students in the Omaha metropolitian area.

  • We were awarded a $25,000.00 grant through Children's Hospital & Medical Center and Creighton University College of Nursing for preventing childhood obesity. This grant will provide funding for an online web application I developed to help children and parents track their 7 daily healthy habits. This grant also provided funding for a book written by Debbie Gray and Tammy Olson which I illustrated along with Robin Whitehead.

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